When Jesus Speaks


It happened again. It usually comes out of nowhere when I least expect it. Feelings of hurt, pain and insecurity creep back in and go from a dull whisper to constant chatter. I sat in my car at a red light recounting the hurt, every feeling of anguish and bitterness. I wallowed in the self-pity of it all, feeling rejected and alone. I reached out to my husband for comfort. He did not disappoint with his words. They were words of truth and should have been a sweet salve to my brokenness. But his words were no match for the constant chatter of lies. I lashed out to him. I drove to my office. As I began to try and go about my work, another voice persistently whispered to my heart. “Talk to me”.

Jesus was drawing me to Himself. I shut my computer, opened God’s word and let the lover of my soul speak. When Jesus speaks, my heart is softened. When Jesus speaks, the lies vanish. When Jesus speaks, I am empowered. When Jesus speaks, I love generously. When Jesus speaks, I am set free.

So many times in my life I have looked to others for the affirmation my soul thirsts for. I’m learning that the truth of scripture, the love of my Savior is the foundation I must live my life upon. I’m leaning into Jesus today and listening for His voice. He’s speaking grace over me. What is Jesus saying to you today?


photo credit: A Guy Taking Pictures


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