Healing is a choice

Lately, I have had the beautiful privilege of counseling with brave women. Women who have chosen to trust me with their pain. Women who no longer want to be bound by past hurts and daily struggles. Women who choose healing. We do not get to escape sorrow, pain or suffering. We live in a broken world, aching for redemption and our hearts are wounded. We live and breathe and long for peace. We go to battle with the flesh. We go to battle with our husbands, our children and our friends. We search for answers and fulfillment all the while our hearts are wounded and our souls ache.

Healing is a choice. It begins when we  allow someone to enter into our struggle and to bear our burden. Freedom is found when we share our story and push our wounds into the healing light and out of the shameful dark. We overcome when we apply the sweet salve of God’s truth to our broken hearts and aching souls. We heal when our souls are laid bare and we brace ourselves for the condemnation that is sure to follow and we are overwhelmed with the goodness of radical, scandalous grace.

We we’re made for more. We were designed to demonstrate the strength of the Savior through our weakness. Why then do we pretend to be so strong? We can BOAST of his mighty power through us. This broken, aching, mess of a world is no match for the sustaining, overwhelming, and matchless grace of God.  Choose healing, tell your story, apply God’s truth, and be wrapped in His arms of grace. Be still and be loved.

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”~Galatians 6:2


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