Do Over = Grace

I am in love with grace. I love the word. I love the idea of it. I love what it represents in my own life and I love seeing it bestowed on others. Sadly though, as much as I love grace….I fail to administer it to the people I love the most.

I have the great opportunity each week to attend a Bible study with other moms. Lately, we have been studying how to love our children like Jesus loves us. That is the goal, right? But, if you’re like me…that standard leaves you feeling like you may not ever get it right. Here is just one change I have made in my parenting that has changed everything.

The “Do over”! What a beautiful thing! Do you ever wish when you said something unkind to your husband, or lost your patience with your kids, or failed to show sensitivity to a person in need, that you could say “Do over!” That is exactly what we are doing in the Cox house these days. Each family member has the right to ask for a “do over” and as parents Brandon and I give the opportunity for a “do over” before we “bring down” the long arm of the law in consequences and the usual ensuing lecture.

I’ve discovered that the chance for a do over is grace. It’s the chance for us to say, “you didn’t get that right and you deserve consequences, but I want to give you another chance to get that right…because I love you”. Isn’t that what we all want in this life? We want to be shown grace when we mess up. We want the chance to make it right. It’s what our Father bestows on us daily and I desire for the way I parent my children to point to the Father and His great love for them.

Did I mention I love grace?


  1. Heather Moore says

    Oh, I love this post. What a kind way of admitting to those you love the most that you made a mistake and want to seek to make it right! I’m taking this idea and implementing it in the Moore household.

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