Addicted to Comfort

Last week, Brandon and I had the  privilege of spending sweet time with Bruce and Heather Moore. Bruce and Heather have an amazing story of obedience to the Father and we were blessed to “sit at their feet” and hear their story. As Bruce was sharing with us, he used the phrase “addicted to comfort”. As soon as the words left his mouth I felt a twinge of discomfort! Could that be me?

You see most of us think comfort is a good thing. We believe that we have “arrived” if we are comfortable in this life. The problem with this thinking is Jesus was not comfortable. From his birth in a manger to his death on a rugged cross, He was not comfortable.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to have wealth, material goods, or stability. God is abundant in blessings to His children. But I am saying that when we put such great value on our own comfort at the cost of taking a risk for Christ-we will miss His best for us.

It really all boils down to where and in who we find our satisfaction. If I am satisfied in Christ alone, then all other sources i.e. nice home, expensive cars, secure job, 401K, will fail to provide the “comfort” only the Father can give.

I am humbled by the example of many including Bruce and Heather. You can read more about their faith journey here.


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    Heather and Bruce are amazing! (Heather’s my sister, so of course I think that!) But beyond the biological ties, they are convicting examples to our family of the sacrifice that comes with faith the call to ministry. We see God’s grace in their lives every moment of the day!

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    yes– thanks for this! i know that they’ve had really tough periods of time, given away thousands of dollars, and eaten peanut butter sandwiches… and lived in the same condo/ apartment… denying comfort, but embracing Jesus and taking the RISK of making an eternal difference!

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